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Man with a Movie Camera

Posted by Jonathan Leithold-Patt on September 22, 2012 at 6:00 PM


Dziga Vertov


IDEA:  A film is being shown to an audience. In the film, we follow a man who travels around with a movie camera filming daily life in the USSR. We also get a glimpse of the editing process that's putting together this film.

BLURB:  Being from a time when the cinema was really coming into its own, conquering new ground and reaching unprecedented levels of innovation, Man with a Movie Camera represented the progression of the form at its apex. Freewheeling, associative, self-referential and characterized by a buffet of rapid cuts, dissolves, multiple exposures and stop motion effects, this is a quintessential film about film. It almost literally makes and deconstructs itself before your eyes, breaking down the crucial element that truly separates moving pictures from every other art: editing. In the context of its place and period it doubles as a document of the working class Soviet Union, but its most powerful context is perhaps one it never had in mind – the digital revolution of the 21st century. Through this prism it becomes a startling elegy to the unequivocally physical aspects of film, the practical, hand-touched tangibles of the craft that have all but faded in our pixilated modern world.

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