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Where is the Friend's Home?

Posted by Jonathan Leithold-Patt on August 24, 2012 at 1:35 AM


Abbas Kiarostami


IDEA:  A boy, realizing he's accidentally picked up the notebook of his school buddy, ventures to find his home so he can return it before his friend is direly punished.

BLURB:  In Where is the Friend’s Home?, we are treated to a lyrical realism that gives witness to moments of common life one doesn’t merely understand, but deeply and personally connects with. The story is made of the kind of deceptive simplicity and clarity that effortlessly give way to universal observations of society and the world. Here we have a teacher who becomes irate when a student’s work is done on a loose leaf rather than the assigned notebook, kids who mix up said notebooks and then are stuck with someone else’s, adults whose apathy and unwillingness to listen prove an aggravating test; in other words, the stuff of any young person’s whirlwind existence. Yet instead of dourness Kiarostami makes this uplifting, criticizing archaic concepts of discipline and authority and reassuring us that younger generations are constantly paving their own paths, acting in modes of instinctual compassion that grown-ups are all too quick to forget.

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