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The Hurt Locker

Posted by Jonathan Leithold-Patt on June 8, 2010 at 2:55 PM


Kathryn Bigelow


IDEA:   A bomb squad unit sets off to disarm explosives on the streets of Iraq, yet the toll it takes on them proves nothing short of taxing.

BLURB:   Iraq war drama is mostly a vehicle for some particularly gripping action set pieces, and is at its best when the tension is most spontaneous in its first act. Yet the initially exciting moments quickly turn into something of a tiring ordeal, as the hackneyed episodic nature of the narrative grows into droning redundancy. There’s only so much bomb defusing/sniping/fighting/exhaustion I can take, and despite the picture’s bold intentions in depicting a side of war we don’t usually see, The Hurt Locker wears increasingly thin, playing off action thriller tropes that do nothing to contribute to the film’s purported realism. By the strangely misguided closing shot, I felt less moved or satisfied than I did merely numb.

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